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Liver ailment manageable in many dogs and cats
Liver shunts affect dogs and cats. When an animal is wired correctly, blood that is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract courses through the liver on its way to join the rest of the circulatory system. The liver serves as the body's security force, prohibiting entry to substances too toxic to enter circulation. In the uterus, the mother's liver does this work for the fetus, but once the kitten or puppy is born, the circuitry is typically re-wired so that the neonate's own liver starts doing this...

CHISLEHURST: Dogs have 'blood in their mouths' after terrier attack
A SHORT afternoon walk ended in tragedy for a mum who watched on in terror as two powerful pitbulls killed the family’s tiny terrier. Jenny Wright was walking her daughter’s year-old Yorkshire terrier Dotty when two dogs began barking on the other side of the street...

Pensioner left bruised after dog attack ordeal
A DOG walker was left in a crumpled heap after his Yorkshire terrier was viciously attacked while out on a walk in Guildford. Douglas Sutton, 80, was out on a field close to Kingfisher Drive in Merrow on Monday, November 9 with nine-year-old Sparky. After he was let off his lead, the dog was confronted and attacked by what was described as a large “muscular” greyhound...

New Merced County animal shelter being overwhelmed by unwanted cats and dogs
Since new facility opened, about 200 to 400 more animals a month than usual are coming in. The brown and white pit bull came into the Merced County animal shelter skinny and unloved. The shelter staff fed the owner-released dog, and took him out for his photo to be taken. In a week, the dog gained weight and learned the routine of the animal shelter.
Now his time is up...

Call of the wild
Whether it's tracking down a herd of goats or listening to the needs of a fluffy Chihuahua, Naomi Brenda McDonald says listening to pets is her calling...

Google Finds “Mikey”, A Doggone Miracle
Sacramento, CA Thursday, December 16, 2004. After spending nearly 2 years in an animal shelter, “Mikey” has been reunited with his owner and is finally home...

Miracle Worker
“Come on, little man,” I pleaded, tears of exhaustion and frustration rolling down my cheeks. “Hold on! You have to live!” For what seemed like the hundredth time that night, I opened the mouth of the tiniest little morsel of a collie puppy I’d ever seen, and placed a drop of milk-replacer formula on his tongue. Too weak to nurse from his mother, the newborn puppy would only survive if I could get him to swallow the formula from a syringe, one drop at a time...

It's not Goodbye Ruby Tuesday
It was in 1984, a few months after my husband Mick and I moved into our first apartment. A friend at work told me that her neighbor had found a puppy in the ravine while walking her two Irish Setters...

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