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All about the YORKIE breed
Smart Yorkie Web Guide
Fun Yorkie Sites

Yorkie Forums
Talk to other Yorkie fanciers all over the world!

Dog Charms
Dog Hats and Caps
Dog Bed and Bath
Yorkie Talk
Yorkie Dog Forum, The Community for Yorkshire Terrier

Small Dog Forum
The forum that is ALL about the little dogs

Mighty Mite Small Dog Sports Forum
Dog Shows, Training, & Dog Sports for Little Dogs

BARF Message Board
forum for people who feed or are considering feeding their pets a natural raw diet

Paw Talk
Popular Pet Forum

Pet Discussion
Discuss your pet and pet care with other pet lovers!

Pet Health Forum
Helping Pets Lead Healthier Lives

City Data
Busy Pet Forum

Pet Lovers
Another Popular Pet Forum

I Heart Paws
Pet Forum, On-line Vet, Dog Breed Profiles and more

Critter Paradise
Pet Forums

Oz Pets
All Welcomed with open Paws, Wings or Fins, and everything else in between
Very Succesfull Yorkie forum in Netherlands

Yorkshire terrier Vrienden
Dutch Yorkie Forum

Yorkie Partners Forum
Join Yorkie Fanciers!

Yorkie Chat
Yorkie talk and more! Enjoy!

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